Top five local places to get a tattoo for students

Kyle Huizinga, Staff writer

Deciding where to get a Tattoo can be a scary and intimidating process. In any given area, there can be upwards of 50 tattoo establishments that all boast different selling points and artistic styles.

Here at Linfield we have some of the best tattoo parlors within driving distance but knowing where to find these gems can be more difficult than just a simple Google search.

You will want to think about what style, size, color, and other aspects of the piece are important so that you can appropriately match with an artist and parlor. You may not want to spend the money to have a world-renowned artist draw your Greek letters but you also don’t want to have a second-rate tattoo for the rest of your life. These excellent local tattoo parlors will satisfy any work you want.

Atlas Tattoo in Portland is the most popular and well-established parlor in Oregon. It is an award-winning parlor and has had some of the most revered artists in the world stationed there over its 20-year history.

However, it’s expensive, and artists have strong personal style in which they prefer to work within. Getting an appointment may be difficult and waitlists are long. Sundays are listed as tending to be good for walk-ins and getting smaller works done quickly. If you want a female artist, the all-male staff will not be for you. No credit is accepted and there is a 40$ non-refundable cash deposit due be- fore any work or drawing is started.

Historic Tattoo Portland is a beautiful location. The shop itself is in one of Portland’s old historic neighborhoods in a picturesque old house. It is welcoming and comfortable inside. Prices are still somewhat high but are well worth it for the work that is done.

There are many different styles of artists that work there and if you’re not sure what you need and they will get you matched. I can personally vouch for the work, it’s well done.

Sophomore Nursing Majors Naomi Kincade recommends The Hive Tattoo in Portland. The Hive is a custom tattoo parlor that specializes in traditional American style tattoos. The Hive is one of the few Tattoo Parlors that accepts online payment and credit payment, which is beneficial if you are thinking about getting a more detailed and expensive piece done.

Naomi has had work done by Hive artist Elizabeth Robinson and is extremely satisfied with the result and design.

Icon Tattoo Parlor is another beautiful studio within driving distance form Linfield. It is located in the Portland area and the shop is clean, welcoming and well designed. The staff is amazing and the art is extremely well done. Overall, a great place to get any work done or just to hang out and talk about tattoos and find great ideas. The prices are as high as the others but they boast an all-female staff that does absolutely fantastic work. They have artists that specialize in almost every aspect of tattooing and are a true joy to be around. I have personally had work done by McKenna Carlisle who is fantastic and specializes in American and Japanese style tattooing. Minimum for Icon is $100 and prices are based on size and detail.

Senior finance major Julie Maybee recommends Adorn tattoos, which has two locations in Beaverton and Portland. Adorn is another high quality shop with wonderful artists. Maybee was connected to the shop by a personal friend and en- joyed her first tattoo experience at Adorn. Adorn has a welcoming and qualified staff and is the perfect location for getting your next tattoo.