“Ada and the Engine” premieres today in Marshall Theater


“Lady Annabella Byron” (played by Raisa Mlynski) tries to impress upon her impetuous daughter “Ada” (played by MeloryMirashrafi) the need to find a suitable husband. Photo courtesy Tim Sofranko.

Kyle Huizinga, Staff writer

Linfield theater is currently performing “Ada and the Engine,” a play written by Lauren Gunderson November 2, 3, and 4 at 7:30 p.m. and November 5 at 2:00 p.m. in Marshall Theater.

Linfield faculty Janet Gupton is directing the play, and the entire cast is comprises of Linfield Students.

“Ada and the Engine” offers viewers a humorous yet tragic look into the life of the brilliant female Victorian era mathematician Ada Lovelace.  Ada Lovelace is played by Linfield Junior Melory Mirashrafi who does a splendid job playing the love-struck and fragmented character.

Alongside Mirashrafi, seniors Benjamin Bartu and Marcos Galvez play the two competing love interests, Charles Babbage and Lord Lovelace. The characters’ interactions are incredibly raw and fit well within the context of the play.

The set was designed by Linfield senior Savannah Hurst and is one of the most astonishing ever to be seen at the Marshall Theater. In an almost steampunk fashion the set is a series of cogs and punch cards that shapes the landscape in which the play takes places.

The set if fully interactive and offers many surprises for audience members. Exciting lighting effects and shadows cast by massive structures add to the dramatics of the performance.

Costuming was done expertly by Rosalie Olson and Laurel Peterson. The costumes were done up in classic Victorian fashion, and the play boasts five costume changes for the main character Ada Lovelace, each offering more than a simple outfit change but a look into different feelings and eras within her life.

Overall, the Linfield theater put on a stunning performance and is a pleasure for all ages. The production offers laughter and tears, which are all well-deserved by the work of the fantastic cast and crew.

After the first half of the performance students in the audience could already be heard proclaiming how well performed the play was.

“It’s so good, it’s so good, the set, the acting… it’s just wow,” Linfield sophomore Claire Hamada said.

Hamada’s sentiments seemed to be the general experience of all in attendance of the dress rehearsal Wednesday night.

Linfield student Isabell Standley also was an attendee of Wednesday night’s dress rehearsal.

“The ending is electric and is a must see” by any Linfield student or community member, she said.