Halloween Costume Do’s and Don’ts

Emma Knudson, Staff writer

Costumes are arguably the best part of Halloween. You get become a character, celebrity, idea, or meme that you’ve admired and, for a night, set aside your impending identity crisis as an emerging adult in a crippling economy and a dying world in favor of pounding down a few Four Lokos dressed as a hotdog or Pennywise. But don’t forget that, when it comes to costumes, there are some do’s and don’ts to remember when you’re out shopping for that perfect costume.

First things first: don’t be problematic. We know what I’m talking about. It’s been said over and over again, and we here at Linfield have even received emails about it before. And it shouldn’t have to be repeated. If you’re wondering if the costume you have in mind is cultural appropriation, then it most likely is. Don’t be problematic. It’s irritating and offensive. We’re all just trying to get spooky.

Do: have fun with it! Be hilarious, clever, sexy, elaborate, serious, gory, cutesy, etc. Don’t listen to the haters and the naysayers who say that being a sexy cop is too “basic,” or that being a Game of Thrones character is too “mainstream.” Now’s the time to throw away all notions of what’s cool or uncool, because either way we’re all just trying to get weird before that finals week implosion sends us on the floor at 4 a.m. crying and wondering if we really need to graduate college.

Don’t: spend lots of money on it. For a once-a-year holiday, and for an event in which the costumes worn will rarely, if ever make a reappearance, people don’t mind dropping over $100 dollars on their costume. I’m not one to tell anyone how to live their life, but there has to be a line drawn. If the price tag of your costume is insignificant to you, then go for it, live your best spooky life.

Do: go all in! If you’re going to put minimal effort into the costume itself, then you should at lease put forth maximum personality. Nothing is more of a buzzkill at a Halloween party when there’s someone there who just puts a name tag on their shirt and says they’re Jim from “The Office” and then decides to stand in the corner bored and make snide comments about how many basic girls dressed up as Daenerys. At least pull out some Jim I-can’t-believe-this camera stares, or bring a Pam, or just try to be Jim. Bring justice to your costume.

Happy Halloween, ‘Cats!