Life flight from College Avenue

Camille Botello, Staff writer

Emergency vehicles lined up on Cowls Street and College Avenue outside of Campbell Hall Monday, allegedly preparing to life flight a McMinnville resident from their home.

Linfield sophomore and Potter Hall Resident Advisor Kayla Garcia was leaving her dorm as the vehicles were arriving. “I saw a fire truck, an ambulance and a police car. It really freaked me out because this is a small school so if someone got seriously injured I would probably know them,” she said.

She said she also got information from a fellow Resident Advisor, Raquel Chase, ‘20, that the soccer field served as the landing strip for a life flight helicopter.

Director of Residence Life Jeff Mackay said in a text message that “life flight utilized the Linfield Soccer field to transport a non-Linfield community member who was having a medical emergency.  Emergency Medical Services will occasionally use the soccer field as the helicopter life flight area for medical emergencies on this side of town.  This was not a matter involving anyone from the Linfield community.”

The name and condition of the individual are unknown.