Haunted Houses: A Scary-Thrill Good Time or a Horror Show?

Cassandra Martinez, Staff writer

Halloween is nearly upon us and the annual festivities are starting up again; the pumpkin patches are running, the stores are fully stocked with Halloween goods, movie marathons are running again on our cable networks, and the best part of all is the haunted houses that are opening for the thrill seekers of Halloween. Most people enjoy a good scare once a while and will pay to be scared by people in scary costumes and gruesome visual effects. Meanwhile there are people who enter these attractions and find themselves frozen in fear. In other words, haunted houses are a good thing because it provides this entertainment that people can enjoy and be safe doing so.

The reason why haunted houses are good is because they offer a place where people can go and let their imagination run wild. The thrill of being in a fantasy danger without being in an actual horror movie. Haunted houses provide the rare excitement of being in danger without actually being in danger. The majority of haunted houses have strict rules that the employees cannot touch any of the guests when they walk through or guests cannot use flash photography to startle the performers. Not to mention there are usually security guards around to help people who may need it while in the haunted house.  If you’re afraid of haunted houses then the best way to avoid them is to not go in one. Before actually entering one, there’s usually signs to show the precautions of anyone who has certain conditions that can be life threatening if exposed to sudden scares.

Haunted houses are meant to be fun and everyone who goes always have a good time in the end. Remember that Halloween comes once a year, so why not go and get scared for fun?