Tigers of Youth show stripes with EP

Braelyn Swan, Staff writer

Fans of soul-rock, there’s a new band for you from our neighboring city of Portland. Tigers of Youth describes itself as “vibrant soul-rock with a bright edge.” Its latest album, “Rapture and Gravity” EP released in May, features five great songs.

Each track reflects a positive balance of rock and soul that brings out a fresh sound.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Dave Wentz says the album expresses “The idea of life having opposing forces that seem to pull us in different directions… how people around us in our lives can be forces of good or toxic influences.”

“Simple Treason” provides the album with a lively start that is a great precursor to the rest of the album.

“Prometheus” slows down a bit to start and continues to come back to that pace in between bursts of excitement.

A song about the deity of mankind, “Prometheus” makes references to Greek mythology throughout the song. The lyrics are finely crafted and executed in this song.

“Ghost State” starting with the lyrics, “Your eyes out of focus wandering beyond me” was brought to life with greatly matched instrumental accompaniment.

“Rapture and Gravity,” the song for which the album is named, has its own sound but at the same time reflects the sound of the album and the band.

“Dragon Brother” finishes the album with great energy. The role of the drums in this song pulls together and really drives the vocals and guitar forward to end the album very well.