Freshmen adapting to dorm life living

Leina Panui, Staff writer

Attending Linfield introduces a lot of new things to freshmen class — meeting people from all over the country, new challenging courses, and trying to make their dorm rooms feel a bit more like home.

“I brought my mattress pad all the way from Arizona because I knew I wouldn’t have been able to sleep without it,” Quana Maho said.

Maho is a resident in Pioneer hall. Comfort is what she believed she needed when sleeping in the dorms, even though it’s the same bed another person slept on last year.

Maho didn’t want to fall into the stereotype of freshmen decorating their room as much as they could because she thought it would be too much work.

Others also didn’t want to fall into the same stereotype, so they brought other things from home to help them feel at home.

“All the blankets I brought are all from home and couldn’t live without it,” Meg Angien said. Winter is coming and Angien is preparing herself for the icy frost days McMinnville has to offer.

Linfield freshmen have also tried rearranging their rooms to make it appear spacious for them and their roommates. Yet, there are troubles when some rooms don’t want to cooperate.

“I need my fan, but it’s hard when there’s one outlet being used by my other two roommates and the other one inside a closet,” freshmen Shelby Walker said. It’s awkward placements, like these, that make it hard for freshmen to get used to their rooms.

Yet, it doesn’t stop freshmen from trying to get used to their new living lifestyle. With the school year just beginning, these new Wildcats are trying to make the best out of their dorm life living.