How to deal with rain like a pro

Kyle Huizinga, Staff Writer

Linfield students will be preparing to brave the copious amount of rain that is said to come next week.

Students from outside the Northwest will be introduced to near-mythical levels of precipitation and overcast in the coming months.

Without proper preparation, students can quickly become irritable and angry at the merciless weather but, with proper technique, anyone can be a master of the damp and dreary. These simple tips will allow even the most southern student to easily make it through this rainy season without having a crisis.

A proper rain jacket is a necessary investment for one to survive the fall and winter.

Many students may believe that a simple flannel will suffice for all weather conditions, but in the Oregon rain however, this is a big mistake. Make sure your jacket is fully waterproof and avoid brands that market Weather or Water Resistant.

Favorite brands among students include The North Face, Patagonia, and Eddie Bauer. Keelan Wells, ‘19, a Northwest resident recommends a heavy wool peacoat for the more fashionable student.  

Wet feet are your worst enemy in a cold climate and are an easily avoidable problem. A solid pair of rain boots can prevent damp feet and be a perfect fall fashion statement.

Marcos Galvez, ‘18, suggests a good pair of wool socks in combination with waterproof shoes for complete warmth and comfort. If rain boots are not your style, you can always invest in a bottle of 3M waterproofing and convert your shoes into rain-wicking monsters. The same formula can be applied to jackets and pants for a similar effect.

Many local Linfield students will look down on umbrella users as weak. However, I permit you to use an umbrella because keeping dry outweighs the ridiculous look of someone taking a face full of rain.

If you want to utilize an umbrella to its full potential find an umbrella that expresses your personality: katana handle with polka dots anyone?

For those students who are from more moderate climates, I suggest a Vitamin D lamp or supplement. This will prevent vitamin deficiency and the most aptly named condition SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you seem to be feeling down and depressed during the rainy season, do not hesitate to visit the Student Health Center, located on the first floor of Walker.

Reduce the amount of time you spend walking between classes. Maps of the Linfield campus can be found online and may be used to plan a perfect route to avoid the most of the rain.

Trees may seem like a great way to take cover but if the rain is heavy enough, drops become larger and more potent under trees. Grass, though usually the fastest route, can become a muddy mess and should be avoided. Stick to open sidewalks and asphalt for maximum rain management.   

Finally, create a warm weather sanctuary in your room. Stock up on blankets and pillows to recover between jaunts to class and the dining hall. If you are extremely sensitive to the cold, you may want to invest in a space heater to keep your room warm and toasty. Think of it this way: if your room is the warmest place in the dorm, people will most likely want to hang out there, which makes it a great friend-making method.  

  The weather ahead may seem scary, but there is little to fear. If you utilize these simple tips, you will become a cold weather colossus and master the never ending gloom.