Music festival welcomes energetic performances

Kaelia Neal, Staff writer

Thirteen music acts performed in this year’s Walnut City Music Festival, which was held Friday and Saturday on the Granary District Stage in downtown McMinnville.

The two-day festival is usually held in mid-August, but was held on a later weekend to increase the attendance of Linfield students.

“My absolute favorite elements of the Walnut City Music Festival, other than the amazing music and vibes, are that it is homegrown and a true reflection of the spirit of McMinnville,” said Aaron Williams, one of the promoters and founders of the festival.

Williams is also the assistant director of wine education at Linfield.

The intent is to continue to have the music festivals in early September in order to encourage the Linfield community to attend.

“There are many amazing things about this town, but when you have an awesome event to go to with your family, to enjoy killer sounds, great beers and wine — beers brewed by Linfield grad, Joe D’Aboy, I might add — that supports Partners for Parks, I mean, come on; that is the definition of winning at life,” Williams said.

The non-profit festival’s proceeds go to Partners for Parks and is held in front of the Grain Station Brew Works.

The goal is to bring bands to a town that is not normally known for music festivals, while providing a small, comfortable environment.

Matthew Logan Vasquez of The Delta Spirits and Middle Brother, The John Dough Boys, Kat Myers & The Buzzards, Kuinka were among the bands in this year’s Walnut City Music Festival.

More bands that performed in the festival included The Lower 48, Harvey Fox, Lincoln’s Beard, Scratchdog Stringband, Ben Rice, West Valley Shakers, Tara Velarde, Black & Blue, and Manitoba Road Crew.

“It’s a really nice space. It has a sweet vibe going for it,” said Miranda Zickler, a member of the Seattle-based band Kuinka.

“The whole festival just makes you feel comfortable. It’s cozy and intimate, but still high-energy,” Zickler said.