Poet slams serious issues with levity, sincerity for intimate performance

Angel Rosas, Staff writer

Slam poet and Atlanta native, Ashlee Haze came to Fred Meyer lounge on Thursday to entertain an intimate crowd.

Haze started her set with a poem about her grandmother and other black women who worked cleaning homes.

In the poem Haze expressed her pride for the black women that came before who worked endless hours to put food on the table and feed their dreams for a better life.

Haze at many times throughout her performance talked and joked with the crowd directly which added to the relaxed, entertaining atmosphere of the night.

“I loved it so much,” said freshman Dot Young. Young, a poet herself, said she felt inspired after watching Haze’s performance.

Haze tackled many social issues including many regarding body image in the media, cultural prejudices, and sexism. She used her poetry as a tool to critique many aspects of society in new and interesting ways.

Haze also had poems that delved into her own personal struggles and gave insight into how she deals with them.

Although many of the topics were serious in nature, Haze was able to find the words to bring out more than a few laughs from the audience members.

The ASLC special events chair, Dwight Keogh stated he really wants to get more people to these events because they have great talent coming to Linfield this year.