Annika Lindburg, Staff Writer/Online Productions

Linfield students are required to upload exemplars from their Linfield Curriculum Modes of Inquiry or designation.

According to Linfield’s website, exemplars must be uploaded by the last day of finals of the semester the course was taken.

The exemplars get graded after each semester. It is part of the graduation requirement.

A document from the faculty assembly meeting shows that most students aren’t meeting the Linfield’s requirements.

The U.S. pluralisms and Natural World exemplars were the two problem areas noted in the faculty assembly meeting document.

For the U.S. pluralisms exemplars, the chair of professors who examined them proposed to remove the third learning outcome, and combine learning goal #2 and #3 into one.

The professors examined a random sample of past exemplars and determined that “only 41 of exemplars demonstrated a viable grasp of the concept of pluralism itself.” Even worse, of the 41 students who did meet learning outcome #1, only “32.53 percent satisfied learning goal #2 or #3.”

For the NW requirement, 58 percent of students from 2012-2016 received unsatisfactory scores in the regular submissions, and 75 percent of students in the Upper Division submissions.

“This means that the majority of students between 2012 and 2016 did not submit exemplars that demonstrated they had fulfilled the regular NW outcomes.”

The professors also noted that a lot of students only submitted one example as the exemplar. They want to make it more clear that a student may need to submit more than one example to meet all the requirements.

To remedy the problem, the professors want the rubrics used to evaluate the exemplars be published on TaskStream and in the Linfield College Catalog.