Shaolin Jazz Cat Cab

Angel Rosas, Staff Writer

What do old kung-fu movies and classic hip-hop have in common? If you ask the people at Shaolin Jazz, everything.

Black Student Union invited the experimental music group Shaolin Jazz to screen the classic kung-fu movie Master of the Flying Guillotine on May 8.

The film wasn’t the only thing on display that night. Shaolin Jazz’s Dj 2-Tone Jones accompanied the movie by playing a mixture of hip-hop, soul, funk, and jazz.

The use of classic tracks with the intense and over-the-top kung-fu fit so well together that it is a wonder why the two hadn’t been combined earlier.

“I thought it was really cool on how he could just anticipate what music would fit best with the mood of the scene that was playing,” said sophomore Kendra Ulrich.

During the showing every piece of dialogue is transformed into lyrics, exposition becomes rap, and every fight scene becomes an epic music video.

To know where the music is coming from makes it feel more like a performance and keeps the audience captivated.

“At first I was really confused because I had no clue what to expect. After he explained it, it was really cool. I love how he took his passion for music and a childhood memory to create something very unique,” said sophomore Kaley Dahl

On its own the movie would probably have been a hard watch but the Hip-hop and soul adds a self-aware tone to make it a fun, entertaining, and completely different from anything I had ever seen.

The event was part of the groups project called “Can I Kick It?” where the main goal, said Dj 2-Tone Jones, is to bring old kung-fu movies and classic hip-hop to the younger generation in a novel way.

“It was interesting hearing how their passion for old school hip hop and Kung fu gave them the idea to come up with Shaolin Jazz: Can I kick it,” said sophomore Esther Parker.