Linfield Inclusion Rally

Alex Gogan, Staff Writer

The Linfield Inclusion Rally held on Saturday, May 6th, was a true success. The I.M. field was transformed into an area of singing, dancing, eating, and most importantly inclusion. The event was hosted by Voto Latino and Fusion club members.

The first event of the afternoon was a talk from David Martinez. Martinez is a member on the OHSU Center for Diversity and Inclusion. His speech included his life being gay and Latino. He spoke about growing up Latino and how he was fortunate he grew up in a support system.

When Martinez came out to his family, they supported him because they loved him. Being of both minority groups, he has been able to not only help but understand so many more people and do what he can in the face of things that people of color and gay people experience.

Students were allowed to grab food and relax with friends during the first event.

Tamales, rice and beans, and fruit were served buffet style. The food was provided by Nery Flores, mother of David Flores. Horchata and Pineapple juice were also served. Plenty of food was provided with the extras given to willing students.

Edna Vasquez came and played her guitar for students. She emphasized since we’re all human, we might as well make the effort to get along. She played some very powerful music and spoke about how beautiful we all are.

Vasquez dedicated some of her songs to “ the beautiful men and women” whom attended the event. Before her last song she said, “I believe there are little part of the world inside us and they come out, y’know?” She said this in regards to being diverse and how should treat each other.

The march around campus was a success. Students proudly marched with posters and flags. April Alvarez said, “We had a station where people could make signs for our march, and seeing the powerful and unifying messages really brought in the spirit of what the inclusion rally is all about.”

Students also chanted and yelled different things throughout the walk from the I.M. field and around the HPs. While students marched around the campus others would join in from the track meet occurring at the same time. The students returned to the I.M. field and finished the food and took photos. The event concluded with senior, Sara Gomez, thanking those who stayed for the whole event.