Linfield comes together, embraces Polynesian culture

Malia Riggs, News Editor

Linfield danced the night away at the 45th Annual Lu’au on Saturday night. Students of all ages participated in showing Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan and other Polynesian cultures through dance, food and song.


A crowd favorite of the night was a dance performed by Tala Teaupa, ’18, who performed a solo dance with fire.


Another favorite of the night was the Tika Tonu or as others around campus know it as the Haka. This dance is performed by adolescent males to show the difficult decisions  they are making as they transition into adulthood.


The message of this dance is to show challenge, struggle, perseverance and achievement. At Linfield this dance was performed to pay respect to the seniors who have helped to guide the underclassmen through their journeys.


“There is a lot of time and effort from everyone that goes into this and it is amazing. The dances are great and makes you feel really integrated into the culture,” said Kailee Scott-Unger, ‘19.


Other dances of the night’s performance included Fa’ataupati, the Samoan Slap Dance, Yorana, a Tahitian welcoming dance, Fitu Alofi, a Tongan warrior dance and many more.


The theme of this year’s Lu’au was Huliāmahi, which means to come together as one.


“Lu’au has taught me that when everyone comes together to work toward one goal the outcomes are really great. Being a senior I really value and appreciate the little things and each moment that makes these experiences,” said Megan Lee, ‘17.


The Linfield Lu’au is one of the biggest Luaus in the Pacific Northwest.  
“It’s really cool to see how everyone in the community comes together,” said Matthew Hanson, ‘18.