NWC Honors Tennis

Sara Levering, Staff Writer

The women’s tennis team no doubt had quite the success this season recording a 16-3 record overall.


Ella Riddle, ‘18, was recognized as player of the year as well as first team all-Northwest conference. She was 8-0 against Northwest Conference opponents and 11-0 overall.


“Ella has been the top player and the most complete player in our conference the past three years, no player has had a better combined singles and doubles record at the number one position than her, so I honestly feel like this award is overdue and well deserved this year,” said Swanson.


“El is fully deserving of the honor. She clearly is the best player in our conference. She did not lose a singles match all season and didn’t lose a conference dubs match – all in the #1 position. That’s an incredibly feat. She led her team to a NWC title,” said Macy-Baker.


Elsa Harris, ‘19, who was named second team all-Northwest conference last year climbed the ladder to earn herself a spot on first team all-Northwest as a sophomore this season. She combined a 7-2 record against NWC opponents.


“Ella is a hard worker on the court, never stopping until things are done right. She plays with a ton of passion and tenacity and put in countless hours to get where she is now,” said teammate and senior Courtney Mostul, ‘17.


“Elsa is very deserving of her first team honors, due to her consistently positive results in singles and doubles and her big wins over number one players from other teams this season,” said Swanson.


“Els also led her team to a NWC title, was a doubles All-American, defeated some of the best players in the league at #1 position this season (allowing Ella to rest her shoulder) and is one of the best doubles player in the league,” praised Macy-Baker.


“Elsa is an outstanding player who gives it all on the court. She plays with so much passion and heart and is a real fighter. She is always there for her team and is a true Wildcat,” said Mostul.


Meanwhile, co-coaches of year were Linfield’s own Lisa Macy-Baker and Carl Swanson. The co-coaches modestly take the award and recognition.


“It’s an honor that reflects the hard work and effort of our team, so it could just as easily be called the Team of the Year Award. If our players aren’t coachable, we don’t win this award,” said Swanson.


“The coaching honor usually goes to the top team so really it’s a team honor. Honestly, and I know that I can speak for Carl as well, we’d rather see more of players be recognized for all conference. I was a little disappointed to see Lewis and Clark and Whitman get each four players on all conference, whereas we had 2 and won the regular season championship. Hmmm,” said Macy-Baker.

“I am not surprised at all that Lisa and Carl won co-coaches of the year. They are both extremely dedicated and hard working coaches that set great examples and a high standard in the conference,” said Mostul.


The women’s tennis team awaits an at-large bid to the national tournament. Riddle is ranked number six in the West and “should get a Nationals invite” said Macy-Baker.. The team as well as Riddle will find out if they are going to Nationals on May 8.


For men’s tennis, newcomer senior Tyler Linscott, ‘17, was named first team all-Northwest conference.


“It was really awesome to find out that I made first team in the conference. I haven’t been close to making first or second team before and that really shows how good of a coach there is here and how good playing with my teammates made me. There’s no chance I could have done that without them, I have no doubt we will have multiple players on first and second team next year and every year after that. It was good to see that I was the first to do it in a while, because with Ben Belletto as the coach now, it’s pretty much a done deal that will be happening year after year,” said Linscott.