Peterson talk canceled, ASLC pulls funding

Kaelia Neal, Editor-in-chief

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s scheduled talk at Linfield next Monday has been canceled after ASLC pulled funding for it due to stipulations not being met by Peterson and the event requester, Young Americans for Liberty, according to an email sent to students by Susan Agre-Kippenhan, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty.

The talk will now take place at the Falls Event Center Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, which will begin at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 24.

Peterson, who is a free speech activist, philosopher and psychologist, tweeted on Tuesday to his 107,000 Twitter followers, “I’m violating more safe spaces soon: Linfield College.”

In response to Peterson’s tweet, Agre-Kippenhan said that Linfield’s Anti-Harassment Protection and Academic Freedom policy states that “anti-harassment policies are not intended to limit the free exchange of opinions or the vigorous debate over ideas.”

She states further that “intimidation, harassment, exploitation, and the use or threat of force are incompatible with the preservation of this freedom.”

The stipulations YAL needed to complete were that the event needed to be a closed Linfield event, which means no publicizing outside of Linfield community. It needed a contract, and the contract had to include what the speaker was going to talk about.

“We cannot welcome speakers when the stipulations for their appearances are not met and who intend to violate the safety of our community,” Agre-Kippenhan said.

“The speaker’s organization sent out a press release that invited more than just the Linfield Community,” ASLC Cabinet President Nathan Pellatz said.

“We did not get a contract until 18 hours after the deadline, and it did not contain what the speaker was talking about. It was because of all these factors, the decision was made to pull funding for the Jordan Peterson event,” Pellatz said.

Senior Parker Wells, a member of YAL, was the coordinator for Peterson’s appearance at Linfield.

“I’ve put forth my most genuine effort in being respectful and communicative while coordinating this event,” Wells said. “Unfortunately, the school has seized on circumstances outside of our control in order to cancel it.”

“Students and faculty alike were excited about the opportunity to exchange ideas with Peterson. We in the ideological minority on campus are greatly disheartened to see that opportunity taken away,” Wells said.