Linfield lax falls to Whitman

Camille Botello, Staff Writer and Online Coordinator

The Linfield women’s lacrosse game on Saturday started off as a close match against Whitman, but the Blues gained momentum in the second half of the game, beating the ‘Cats 15-5.

Linfield only allowed Whitman three goals early in the game, and were up until the second half.

Dana Brooks, ’20, Cole Lewis, ’19, Maya Peterson, ’20, and Mae Seifert, ’19, and netminder Kylee Duey, ’20, helped the Wildcats in their last regular season game, but it wasn’t enough to ultimately lift them above the ‘Cats.

“I feel like we improved a lot from last year. We have all the puzzle pieces but we just are slowly putting them together. We are excited about new recruits and hoping to establish a promising future. Lacrosse is a challenging sport, but I have faith that our future will look brighter than the past,” said Lewis.

Linfield Lacrosse looks to play a more competitive game against the George Fox Bruins next Saturday.