Ricky’s Taco Truck

Annika Lindburg, Staff Writer and Online Coordinator

The second round of food trucks was a success, thanks to ASLC. Ricky’s taco truck had an assortment of Mexican food: tacos, quesadillas, tortas, burritos, and an assortment of sodas. The highest price was $5.

I got the bean and cheese quesadilla. The portion was bigger than I imagined and the ratio of cheese to beans was great. I waited a little under 30 minutes for my food. This is a step above the previous food truck, which took an obscene amount of time. My roommate and I waited for around an hour to order and never got to the front of the line. Other students were waiting by the curb, telling us they had been waiting for over two hours.

The kinks were smoothed out this time around. The food truck was white with colorful graffiti that spelled out “Ricky’s Tacos.” There were tents which provided coverage when it started pouring while people were waiting for their food. Individuals who work with ASLC took shifts throughout the night to make sure everything ran smoothly. There were ticket stubs that had individuals numbers. This helped make the orders go smoothly and quickly.

There were quite a few students waiting to order food and pick it up and having the truck from 9-12 on a Friday was a smart move to fill the needs of students who had the late-night munchies when Dillin closes at 7 p.m. on the weekends. It also gave students an easy way to get food rather than driving late at night, or worse, under the influence. It was also smart to have the food truck come on St. Patty’s day, a popular holiday for dressing up and partying.

“I love that this food truck was cheap but tasty. It’s definitely worth a trip to Newberg for. They were super accessible and friendly,” Casey Grace Kirkendall ‘17 said.

“I liked that it was very organized and it was very fast service. Super good food and the workers were really nice,” Kaylee Lamphiear ‘17 said. Lamphiear arrived at the food truck right at 9 and only waited 10 minutes.

Overall, It was a success and I am excited to see what other food trucks ASLC has in store for us in the last two months of the semester.