Mac Dutch Bros Coffee donates to upgrade HHPA student lounge

Kaelia Neal, Sports editor

Throughout the month of March, the Health, Human Performance and Athletics building underwent a renovation to improve the lounge across from the Hall of Fame due to a donation from McMinnville Dutch Bros Coffee that helped make the project possible.

“I am very grateful to Kory Spencer, a man I have known since we both were down in Grants Pass, for donating so graciously to make this happen,” Head football coach Joe Smith said.

Kory Spencer, the owner of McMinnville Dutch Bros, was not available for comment.

Smith, Kelly Bird, Scott Carnahan, Dave Ostrander, Doug Hire, and Garry Killgore were all involved in designing the lounge.

The HHPA lounge was already remodeled in December with the help of TopCat Club, Linfield’s booster club. However, there were some areas that needed improvement in order to finish the project.  

“We needed to complete the whole foyer so that it matched the style of the Hall of Fame, and we wanted to do it in a way that our students could have a wonderful place to hang out in-between classes,” Smith said.

“We host so many students for recruiting, so it’s nice to have a place to look comfortable for them to hang out,” Carnahan, Director of Athletics, said. “It’s also a good idea for students to have a lounge area between classes.”

Carnahan did not disclose the total cost of the renovation.

One of the projects was improving the lighting in the lobby, since it seemed too dim.

“Scott Carnahan is working on having track lighting installed to make it a bit brighter,” Smith said.