Angel Rosas, Staff Writer

The lone, booze drinking, butt-kicking mutant returns for his final curtain call and he does not disappoint.

Logan is a special type of movie that breaks all the rules of the genre it started from and creates something entirely new. It has already become my favorite movie of the year and everything that comes out from now on will be judged using it as the standard.

We find Logan/Wolverine in a world where a mutant hasn’t been born in 20 years leaving the mutant kind nearly extinct except for Logan (Hugh Jackman), Professor X  (Patrick Stewart), and Caliban (Stephen Merchant). That is until we are introduced to the young mutant Laura or X-23 , played amazingly by Dafne Keen, who seeks Logan for help.

Hugh Jackman really shows the weight on Logan’s back and the pain in his every movement. He is a broken man who has lost almost everything and what is left is only a shell of it’s former self.

Logan is everything I wanted it to be and more. The R rated action was well worth the wait and although intensely gruesome at times it worked for the story they wanted to tell and the themes they wanted to hit.

Although the flick raises many thought provoking questions I think the most important ones surround change.  Logan asked simply: can one person really change who they are? And is it true that your past that will always define you?

While many movies have covered the topic extensively, what I like about Logan is that it doesn’t try to answer those questions unlike many other comic book movies.

Going to see Logan was a movie experience that I won’t easily forget and this review can’t do it justice. I don’t remember the last time I felt so many different emotions in a single movie. If you have a chance to escape this weekend, buy a ticket to Logan and prepare to have a great cinematic experience.