Rosenberg Named NWC coach of the year

Alex Jensen, Graphic Designer

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With the successes the Wildcats men’s basketball team has been showing this season, Head Coach Shanan Rosenberg was awarded the Northwest Conference Coach of the Year.


“It is a tremendous honor,” Rosenberg said.

This was the first time in seven years the Wildcats have made it to play-offs. Rosenberg said that the program’s turnaround is acquitted to the team and its progression. The now juniors were the first recruiting class under Rosenberg, who is in his third year. This season has been the culmination of the classes finding their groove.

“The biggest thing has been the commitment and the development of our players and their ability to go through the growing pains and believe in each other and what we are capable of doing,” Rosenberg said.   

He said that earning NWC Coach of the Year truly means that he has great people around him. Rosenberg awards it to his coaching staff and especially the players. He said that it was “their belief and their willingness to push themselves in all areas of their lives and to perform.”

To him the award reflects what the players have done and is a representation of how much everyone has had to sacrifice for the program.

After reaching his goal to make the playoffs, the team is heading into next season with a significant returning core. While team members are feeling proud of their progression and accomplishments, Rosenberg hopes to keep building on it. He admits that he does not know what that means. But now feels that since everyone has tasted post-season it will provide motivation and knowledge essential to fight for the conference championship.