It turns out that coloring relieves stress

Annika Lindburg, Staff Writer and Online Coordinator

Coloring books for adults are more than just simple coloring fun, they have health benefits. Coloring a cheetah or a fern can reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and negative thoughts can evaporate.

“I think coloring is relaxing because it’s repetitive. It’s like washing dishes- I find both relaxing. It takes your mind off of some anxiety or stress in life. You get to take a mental break,” said Emily Moore, ‘17.

There is a wall in the library where students can color and relieve stress.

“Depending on your mood you can pick what colors or what pictures on a page you pick. It’s more abstract and you get to pick/make it what you want to be. You could also pick- elephants- or things you really care about and then give them as gifts,” said Lamphiear ‘17.

“Focusing on one thing for a long period of time that you can make however you want to be, and not graded, is what distressed. It’s not being judged or graded. If it’s not turning out how you want it to be, you can start out on a new one,” Lamphiear ‘17.

So sharpen your colored pencils, find an image that is appealing to you, and get coloring.