Linfield Participates in Regional Substainability Conference

Angel Rosas , Staff writer

Five eager Linfield Students along with Sustainability Coordinator Duncan Reid piled into a van on Feb., 16th off to the Washington Higher Education Sustainability Coalition. This two day conference brings students and faculty to discuss their experiences and ideas in trying to make their schools a more sustainable community.


Duncan Reid organized the trip in hopes that the students involved could see what their peers are doing, gain inspiration, and look at what Linfield maybe lacking in our own efforts to be sustainable.


One of those students, Lucas Hester, ‘18, sees many areas where Linfield could improve. He says that when it comes to issues involving sustainability students tend stay apathetic. Wanting to change that he says leaders need to find, “what students want to yell about” and what part of sustainability the students are interested in.


Duncan echoes that by saying that people have their different entry ways into the world of sustainability. Whether caring about deforestation, humane animal treatment, or reusable fuel anyone can find a cause to be a part of.


Both Lucas and Duncan stated that their are ideas that are being discussed that can some be implemented. One specific plan is to be a part of the Real Food Challenge which is a movement that would bring sustainable, locally grown, and humanely harvested food products to Dilin.


Plans on integrating sustainability into the curriculum of some classes has also been discussed. This would be in an effort to show that sustainability is applicable to a variety of fields, but also is not something that can be forgotten.


However, Duncan says that the only way any of these plans come off the ground is through more student involvement and commitment. He says although at the federal level these issues may not be as big of a concern, the students can make substantial change. Similarly, Lucas stated that, “If you feel passionate and if  you feel like these things matter to you reach out.”