A Haunting at Silver Falls

Annika Lindburg, Staff Writer and Online Coordinator

The promotional film poster is the scariest part of  the movie.

A Haunting at Silver Falls has the same structure as many scary movies: a teen orphan lives with her uncle and mom’s twin sister, she goes to a party in the woods and is told of the ghost stories around Silver Falls. The main character Jordan, played by Alix Gitter, finds a ring in the woods and puts it on her finger.

The ring has a haunting effect, and soon enough strange things start to happen. It is unclear as to why Jordan did not have any apprehension towards wearing the ring, especially after hearing ghost stories. Gitter is a better actor than her aunt, who can’t say any line with convincingly authority. The dialogue is cheesy, and much anticipated scary scenes never really emerged. The film should be categorized as  mystery or drama, rather than a horror.

For those wary of this film, there is no blood, vomit, or decapitation. Family drama and a mysterious creature are the creepiest things of the film.

When the creature emerges, it does not want to hurt Jordan, and instead becomes a sort of friendly shadow. The creature wreaks a small amount of havoc on the house Jordan is staying at. It moves pictures, opens doors, and steals small things from Jordan’s aunt and uncle.

Thus Jordan takes on the role of helping this creature finish its unfinished business.

The film is reminiscent of Twilight: Jordan is a beautiful pale teen with long dark hair; each scene has a hazy, sometimes grey filter; and it was filmed in the pacific northwest.

The sequel was filmed at Linfield, with a release date to be determined. The first film is available to stream on Netflix.