Linfield choir takes on Austin

Camille Botello, Staff Writer and Online Coordinator

Linfield’s concert choir went to Austin, Texas, last week to perform a number of benefit concerts for a local Austin homeless shelter.

Along with the performances, students were able to tour the city. “Austin is incredibly similar to Portland. I was surprised to see ‘Keep Austin Weird’ and a Voodoo Doughnut shop, things that I thought were exclusive to Portland,” said Mihretabe Gizaw, ‘20. They were also able to go to an underground cavern, which Grace Thompson-Johnston, ‘20, described as “mega cool.”  

The choir sang at several Austin churches, high schools, and retirement homes. “We were able to do three workshops with high school choirs in the area and it was a ton of fun to interact with them and see what they were working on, as well as show them what we had,” said bass section leader Nathan Pellatz, ‘17. “The retirement home performances were my favorite because the audience love it, and it kind of reminded me why I love singing so much,” Gizaw said. “The pure joy and appreciation for our music and energy was just tangible,” added soprano section leader Mary Beth Jones, ‘17, about the choir’s retirement home performances.

Linfield’s group of singers have grown a lot in just one semester. “As the week went on, the emotional impact of the music grew as we spent time together creating memories. Traveling is a very bonding experience and we were able to channel our individual experiences to communicate the messages of peace and hope that our program was centered around,” said Jones. “For my last semester here, I just hope for our group to keep challenging ourselves and not become complacent with what we have done so far. I think our director, Dr. Anna Song, really fosters the growth in our sound and closeness of the group, and I don’t think any of us can thank her enough for it,” added Pellatz.

The choir will have more performances throughout the year, both here at Linfield and in other locations.