Canadian classical musicians wow Linfield

John Lutaaya, Staff Writer

Collectif9 is a band from Montreal, Canada who are on a 10 day tour in US and are joyfully sharing their music with Linfield College.

Linfield Lively Arts collaborated with Friends of Chambers Music to make this performance possible. Collectif9 employs lights, staging, and amplification more commonly seen at rock acts, and heralds a new age in genre-bending classical performance.

It was a sensational night in Melrose, Ice Auditorium with beautiful variety of musical sounds as Colletif9 performed Rando all zingarese one of the songs from their debut album known as Volksmobile. 

“Pretty much everybody is the target audience, sometimes we have concerts with many old people, sometimes with many young people. Sometimes it depends more with the town, time, or the day of the week, but the idea is all kinds of public come, especially for those people who don’t often come for classical music,” said Jeremie Cloutier, from Collectif9.

The Volksmobile album is also known as “dazzling,” which was released in February. It captures brilliant colours and drives the energy of the band, which was so vivid during the live concert.

“The Collectif9 performance was absolutely beautiful. The way they interacted with the music and each other inspires me to always be passionate with my own music endeavours. For anyone who missed, this was an amazing representation of classical and modern music by nine brilliant musicians,” said Hannah Terrell.

After the tour in America, Collectif9 look to travel to Quebec, Ontario and then go ahead as far as Asia and Europe before returning to Canada’s west coast.