Students Respond to Politics on Campus

Mickayla - Bay Washington, Staff Writer

The 2016 presidential election has left a crater of confusion and frustration among the student body at Linfield.

The presidential race has highlighted a difference in opinion and ideology that was rarely discussed among students and faculty during the presidential campaigns.

The results of the election have shown that there is an extensive divide in our country and here at Linfield.

As early as election night incidents of harassment were being reported and investigated by campus security.

A total of four emails, of explicitly neutral tone, have been distributed to the student body by administration in an effort to calm the negative rhetoric being thrown by both sides.

In response to these emails several student-run clubs have gathered together and decided to release an official statement that demands that President Hellie and his administration release definitive details about the incidents of harassment reported on campus.

“We are not advocating against freedom of speech, or open dialogue but we have zero tolerance for racist, misogynist, sexist, homophobic, disrespectful, discriminatory, and violent acts,” said the leaders of Black Student Union, FUSION, Voto Latino, Linfield College Latinos Adelante, and UNA. “What is at stake is student and faculty lives on campus and these actions are violations of our inalienable rights as human beings.”

The official statement written by this collective of student groups will be presented to President Hellie later today.