Women’s Soccer Beats Whits

Camille Botello, Staff Writer

The Wildcat women’s soccer team persevered despite the downpour in Saturday’s home game against Whitman College.

Linfield starters Sarah Bailey, Jamie Mars, Dani Nurmi, Lexi Kerr, Shelby DeRocher, Taylor Cole, Kendra McSheridan, Baylie Cameron, Mary Cait Moriarty, and Annie Ferguson patiently awaited their opportunities to strike.

“I think that staying competitive all throughout the game and being aggressive on offense was crucial. We played through the entire game and it payed off in overtime,” Bailey, ‘19, said.

Moriarty, ‘20, had multiple shots on goal in the first half. “Our main strategies were to keep the intensity high and stay tight on our marks. Both of which I believe we succeeded in completing,” she said.

The ‘Cats kept the ball near Whitman’s net for the first half, but were unable to score. Whitman started pushing toward Linfield’s goal, but the Wildcat defenders held them off.

The score was tied at zeros at the end of the first half.

Both teams came out ready to score in the second half, getting more physical with their play.

“Our possession was strong but we had to focus on carrying that possession upfield to gain ground,” Cameron, ‘20, stated.

Still scoreless with 12 seconds left, Whitman’s offsides goal was discredited, giving the Wildcats a chance keep fighting for the win.

Regulation ended with a tie between the ‘Cats and the Blues.

As the game entered overtime, Linfield’s energy was visible.

Around the five minute mark in the 10 minute overtime, Cole, ‘20, scored the winning goal against Whitman.

“Our best game strategy was getting into wide spaces and spreading their defense, which is ultimately how we scored our goal in overtime. Our results are showing our talent these past couple games,” Cole said about Saturday’s win.

The Wildcats ended their season with a 1-0 victory over Whitworth at home on Sunday.

The visiting Pirates had a few more shot attempts and corner kicks than the ‘Cats, but one goal from Ferguson, ‘19, was all Linfield needed.

With the final win, the Wildcats tie with the Pirates for third place in the Northwest Conference with eight wins, five losses, and three ties.

The ‘Cats are sad to see off their three seniors: McSheridan, Nurmi, and Karlee Willcox, who have all started and played in their last games as Wildcats.

“I’m sad to see our seniors leave us. They are all such inspiring players and amazing leaders. I will definitely miss them next year,” Cole said.

“These experiences allow us to learn the unteachable lessons about teamwork, individual growth, and life in general. Even though we’re saying goodbye to some valuable seniors and nursing major sophomores, we need to keep looking ahead,” Cameron said about the 2016 season.