Volleyball sweeps Bruins in home match

Alex Jensen, Staff Writer

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On Saturday night, the Wildcats swept Bruins in three sets to close the season on a good note. Linfield beat George Fox in 25-23, 25-22 and 25-19. Saturday night was the ‘Cats last game and senior night for outside hitter Molly McTaggart, ‘17, and setter Casie Gaza, ‘17.

“It feels really good this was kinds the end of our season and it was really nice cause this was the first inning season weve had- this is the first winning season that you know I’ve had since I’ve been here as a freshman- I think it was a really nice way to end the season and so it was good,” Gaza said.

“Well I was worried because we beat them in three last time and I didn’t think it would be like that again- but I think we just played really consistently and we really limited the errors on our side of the court- so I think that was why we were able to win so easily and quickly,” McTaggart said.

The first set had 10 kills, two errors, 40 total attempts and a .200 hitting percentage. The set had multiple back-to-back long rallies. The Bruins were receiving ball well and returning it just as hard.

McTaggart led Wildcats attack with 11 kills and 32 total attempts. Darian Stedman, ‘19, closely followed with 10 kills and also 32 total attempts. Audrey Hyem, ‘19, had eight kills for the night.

The ‘Cats had a total of 39 kills, 15 errors, 132 total attempts and a .182 hitting percentage. Compared to their opponent who had 32 kills, 20 errors, 126 total attempts and a .095 hitting percentage.

On how the game felt, Taylor Petersen, ’19, said, “It felt great, it felt really good winning on a five match streak like we won the last five in a row after we kinda had a rough first half of conference ending on a high note felt awesome and I am going to miss our seniors a lot.”

Jamie Talbo, ’19, and Gaza were once again assist queens. Gaza killed it with 18 assists for the evening. Talbo ended the night with 13 assists.

The second set had 13 kills, seven errors, 45 total attempts and .133 hitting percentage. The Wildcats came out strong taking advantage of their opponents’ errors left and right.

Defense was led Kayla Magbaleta, ’19, with an insane 34 digs. Talbo followed with nine, and, Gabi Lou with six digs.

Souza said, “Awesome, it was really nice to finish on a good note.”

“Especially in three after last night going into five it was pretty rough on us, yeah it was nice just to finish quickly,” said Talbo.

The Linfield Wildcats Volleyball team finished 8-8 in the Northwest Conference. They finished fourth out of nine.