Linfield College Choir Concert Raises their Voices to Promote Peace

Mickayla - Bay Washington, Staff Writer

Our fellow Wildcats raised their voices to promote peace at the Fall Choir Concert Sunday afternoon.

The main event  was an original song straight from the minds of lyricist Janine Applegate and free-lance composer Andrea Reinkemeyer.

“We knew we wanted the words to be relevant to young people, and perhaps to connect to social justice in some way,” Song said in a previous interview with the The Linfield Review.

The song entitled “When Justice Reigns” definitely struck a chord with the audience.

The combination of vocal control, seamless harmonies, and meaningful lyrics complimented by the powerful statements several Linfield College Concert Choir members made.

Every so often a vocalist would shout “ police brutality” “ sexual assault” and other problems that are visible in our nation today.

The Linfield College Concert Choir shared the stage with the Women’s Vocal Ensemble as well as the Wildcat Men’s Glee Club.

“ The concert went super well. It was fun performing with Men’s Glee [ Club] and I know the rest of Women’s Choir really enjoyed participating,” said Hannah DeVyldere, member of the Women’s Vocal Ensemble.

Both the ensemble and the Men’s Glee Club performed well.

Each group showed that they could harmonize effectively.

During the ensemble’s rendition of Alice Parker’s  “ Invocation of Peace”  members of the audience commented that the song would be well placed in the soundtrack of Lord of the Rings movie.

In all the Fall concert was a success. It very effectively communicated the Linfield Community’s interest in finding answers for all the egregious events that continue to happen in our nation.