How to survive midterms

Megan Ditore, Staff Writer

It is that time of the year where everything seems a lot busier. Midterms are upon us. There are many things you can do in order to fully prepare and tackle those mid semester tests.

One of the most important things to remember is to stay healthy; get a goodnight sleep, exercise and put foods in your body that will make you feel good; foods with high protein and low sugar. Try to be moderate with caffeine and drink lots of water. You need to be physically prepared for the exam.

Linfield Counsellors Amy Halloran-Steiner, Scott Kimura and Suzannah Townsend said break it down, “Break your day into chunks and schedule it up. Include meals, brain breaks, exercise and (of course) study blocks. Plan out for the week, then review your schedule for each day to make sure it suits your needs. Everything is more manageable when broken into pieces. Then just stick to the schedule!”

Go to class regularly so that you do not fall behind. If you have questions about a lecture, ask your professor. Most professors are more than willing to help. Also, stay caught up with your homework in order to fully understand what is going on you have to do your work outside of the classroom too.

Do not cram the night before the exam. While this is the way many people study, it is not the most effective. Start a week in advance and cover different material at a nice pace to where you will recall what you have learned while taking the test.

Come up with a study plan; ask your peers if they want to study with you. Organize your thoughts on how you want to prepare for the test; make flashcards, an outline or just read out of the book, whatever is the best method for you.

Director of Student Health & Wellness Patricia Haddeland said, “stick to routines, when people are stressed, staying in familiar routines is both comforting and gives mental space for new knowledge.”

Don’t stress about your midterms, the counselors said, “Keep it all in perspective. These are midterms and you will do your best. Nothing is “make or break.”   In a year, you won’t remember what you got on your midterms. Just calm down and try your best to show what you know. You are enough.”

Remember to smile, breathe, laugh and concentrate on passing those midterms.