Riddle and Harris All-Americans and Champions of ITA Tournament

Sara Levering, Staff Writer

Ella Riddle, ’18, and Elsa Harris, ’19, were crowned All-American and champions in doubles at the ITA Fall Northwest Small-College Regional Championships. Playing a combined 17 matches on the weekend, Riddle and Harris walked away victorious after a grueling final match to determine their fate.

In the final match, they faced Whitman’s number one seed coming out with the victory 5-7, 6-3, 11-9. It wasn’t easy getting there.

The team they faced hadn’t played that day. Riddle had just finished an over hour long singles final match and was the runner-up for singles. Riddle then had to play in the finals double match with very little rest in between.

Harris on the win, “It feels incredible! Ella and I have worked so hard to get where we’re at as a team. It felt great to achieve this together, knowing all the progress we’ve made since last year.”

Co-Head Coach Lisa Macy-Baker had nothing but praise for both Riddle and Harris. “They are able to bounce back after experiencing adversity and continue to mature as a doubles team,” Macy-Baker said. Macy-Baker continues to be impressed by their team chemistry.

In the final match, Riddle implied that it took her and Harris a while to get going, because of the nerves. They lost in a tight first set 5-7. Once they remembered why they were there and love the game, they kicked themselves into gear.

In the second set, they fought another tight set winning 6-3. Riddle and Harris went into a tie-breaker, but they prevailed and came out on top 11-9, claiming the victory and the title.

Notably, Harris had the most time on the court the previous day than anyone else at the tournament. Harris made it to the quarter-final in singles and lost in three sets.

Riddle was an All-American her freshman year, but on the final doubles match that made her an All-American for the second time, “It was ten times better than freshman year, because it was with Elsa,” Riddle said.

She continued, “I wanted to do it for her, because she deserves it, she has developed so much and stuck with me through everything. She gives everything,” Riddle said.

Riddle had nothing but great praise for Harris. “We love and care for eachother and we want each other to succeed,” Riddle said.

As far as training is concerned, they rested until Friday afternoon and then resumed practicing. Both Riddle and Harris were exhausted and beat up after the weekend.

They have been seen numerous times by the training center and a chiropractor. This past week, they did a pool workout with Professor Garry Killgore, the HHPA department chair at Linfield. It served them well and they hope to do that again.

Riddle played in the final for singles, but lost to a Lewis and Clark opponent. Riddle had not faced her before, but the opponent was “on fire” said Macy-Baker and echoed by Riddle.

Looking to the future, Riddle is extremely motivated to work toward the title, since she has been the runner-up for two years in a row now.

“Ella had a great tournament and did everything she could have” and “her opponent did not miss,” said Macy-Baker.

Next, they fly to Surprise, Arizona for the ITA Small-College Nationals, which features the top eight doubles teams from the country. The tournament starts October 13th.

Riddle is looking forward to playing against new competition. She wants to learn everything she can and looking forward to proving that her and Harris are a dominant doubles team to be reckoned with.

Riddle and Harris are looking forward to the spring season. Their main focus is getting healthy.

Riddle was extremely impressed with the fitness that they both displayed during the regional tournament. They were able to pull out a long final doubles match.

Riddle wants to continue with the aggressive style that she and Harris both love, as well as try different patterns this upcoming season.

Harris echoed what Riddle said, “hopefully we make it to nationals in the spring. The success of this season will definitely help our rankings for the next,” Harris said.