Hispanic Heritage Month

Alex Gogan, Staff Writer

Beginning on September 15th, the Hispanic Heritage Month Series has had multiple events. From the Women’s Rights Movement in Latin America event to the recent Musica En La Vida dance. Only a few days after the grand opening, the Multicultural Center was used to demonstrate styles of dance. President of Mecha, Jesus Perez described different dance styles. From Salsa to Bachata, students were shown through video and then did it themselves. The room was full of students dancing in a circle. The room, small on the outside was full of good laughs, and even better dancing. Some of the most creative dancing was present. “We wanted to make it fun, we wanted students to have an interactive experience” says Jesus.

On October a member from the Brown Berets came to give a brief history of the organization, their mission, and origins. Oscar Sanchez told the audience how the National Brown Berets began in Los Angeles in 1967 as Young Citizens for Community Action. Their supported major historical influences such as Cesar Chavez, and helped their communities thrive. They opened free medical clinics, Chicano charter schools, and community centers. In 1972 they were disbanded in prevention of violence. For twenty years the Brown Berets had no official organization, In 2005 the National Brown Berets were formed. Their goals were to restore original ideology, revive unity, and to serve, observe, and protect. Oscar Sanchez is from the Portland Brown Berets, which has been around for one year. Their group helps clean and help others in their community. To learn more about them visit www.nationalbrownberets.com.

Why do we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month? We celebrate on the day of September 15th because it is the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence days on September 16 and September 18, respectively. Also, Columbus Day or Día de la Raza, which is October 12, falls within this 30 day period. We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month because it shows how diverse Linfield is, and how it is fun and cool to celebrate other heritages and cultures.