Karaoke Pizza Party is an instant hit

Vanessa Kelly, Staff Writer

Linfield students sang and ate their hearts out at Fred Meyer Lounge on Sept. 22, thanks to ASLC. The turn-out of 50 or more people resulted in many empty pizza boxes and the extension of an hour. Event coordinator, Lucas Carter, ‘17, made the event possible along with John Christensen, ‘18, who was in charge of music.
The tricolored disco lights set the scene for the two mic stage, as did the bounty of Domino’s pizza and soft drinks. The pile of 20 or so boxes proved too little when they were soon fully emptied an hour later.
The songs ranged from 80’s “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”, by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, to 2015’s “See You Again”, by Wiz Khalifa, sung by yours truly. This event made it possible for students to take a break from studying and meet new people through a form of musical bonding.
“I originally went for the free pizza and ended up having a wonderful time,” said Liliana Montanez, ‘20, who was cheering on her friends. “I regret not joining them, it look[ed] like a lot of fun.”
Linfield students were seen cheering and singing along to their favorite songs, and managed to keep the sign-up board full and the pizza boxes empty. The event, which was originally planned to finish at 10, was sadly put to an end an hour later.
For someone who’s never sung in front of anyone before, I for one had a wonderful time. And by the unanimous sound of groans and aww’s when announced the event was to be put to an end, proved that if you didn’t go, you definitely missed out.

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