Hypnotist brings the laughs and wonder

Annika Lindburg, Staff Writer


A comedy magician and hypnotist brought the laughs to a full house in Ice auditorium.

Josh McVicar reminded the audience members to keep an open mind during hypnosis, and explained that hypnosis happens to everyone by providing the example of when you are driving but do not remember the last four or five stops of how you got there.

Before he began hypnotizing Linfield students, he picked one audience member and gave her a red can and told her to “leap into the air and scream that you have the can.”

McVicar promised that he would not do anything to offend or embarrass you while under his control. Yet such antics as twerking whenever a Miley Cyrus song came on and petting audience members as if they were in a petting zoo seemed contrary to what McVicar promised.

The majority of the show was hypnosis, but McVicar did a few mind reading tricks. He picked some audience members and tried to guess what number or animal they were thinking of and failed miserably.

McVicar proclaimed that he could guess what everyone in Ice was thinking. He wrote “this guy sucks” on a sheet of paper and flashed it to the audience, which brought lots of laughter.

For his final act, McVicar brought the audience member who had the red can onto the stage. He instructed her to shake the can and then open it. She then pulled out the piece of paper and read the correct answers of the mind reading portion to the audience.

The audience could not believe that he had the right answers all along. McVicar even correctly predicted the students names that had participated in the mind reading portion of the show.  dsc_4661_720