Heavy metal on Netflix

Kellie Bowen, Staff Writer and A&E Editor

deathgasm-poster-350I have been on the near impossible quest of finding good movies about metal or about metalheads that are not rockumentaries.

Upon scrolling the “What’s new on Netflix” row, I stumbled across a movie cover of the horns with the middle two fingers ripped off. That movie was titled “Deathgasm.”

Now, I am obviously late to the “Deathgasm” party. This is a movie that many metal fans have talked about and made fun of. By no means does this film deserve an Academy Award, but it hones in on the stereotypes of the metal community, so we can’t help but laugh at ourselves.

Without giving the story away too much, the main character and his garage band, Deathgasm, accidentally raise hell on earth because they played an ancient, Satanic song.

The movie illustrates metalhead camaraderie quite well and even pokes fun of Swedish black metal. The over the top obscenity associated with metal was hilarious and perfectly exaggerated with album covers that have skulls with penises as eyes. There was even a scene when the evil overlord demanded a re-do of an execution.

This film also had a hint of romance: the classic “loser-falls-for-the-pretty-girl,-the-jerk-flirts-

with-girl,-but-then-the-loser-gets-the-girl-in-the-end” scenario.

Of course, the soundtrack to the film is wonderful and perfectly complements the movie.

The end of this film was predictable, but still satisfied my metal movie needs. It is a must-watch-at-least-once.