Chaplain’s Team in need of new members

John Christensen, Photographer & Staff Writer

Christians are called by Jesus to “Live The Love,” and that is why the Linfield Chaplain’s Team chose that as their motto and are looking to add more members to their cohort.

The Linfield Chaplain’s Team, also known as “Chap’s Team” for short, serves as a religious leadership group comprised of around a dozen or so students, that puts on events to help students on campus looking to, as Chaplain David Massey put it, “find a niche on campus that fits their spiritual journey.”

“Jesus didn’t come to start a religion. Humans did that. Jesus came to show a way of life,” Massey said.

The Chaplain’s Team seeks to exemplify this way of life on Linfield’s Campus through service, hospitality and interfaith dialogue.

The team puts on bi-monthly Bible Studies on the first and second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., as well as an informal monthly prayer and reflection gathering on the third Tuesday of every month, also at 7:30 p.m.

The Chaplain’s Team meets on Monday evenings, in the Emmaus House, across the street from Murdock Hall. Students interested in joining can contact Massey at [email protected]

The team also hosts other more secular events at the Emmaus House, such as coffee house concerts and game nights that are open to all students regardless of their religious background.