‘Deadpool’ movie shines in theaters

Cassandra Martinez, Staff Writer

“Deadpool” is by far one of the best adaptations of a comic book movie. Not to mention that it was the first rated-R superhero movie to be released in theaters from the Marvel universe and to receive high-praise from critics and viewers.

The reason the movie was successful was because of the casting choice for the anti-hero Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds was the perfect “Merc with the mouth.” Reynolds embodied the character from the mannerisms to the voice. He never had a dull moment on screen.

The writers did an excellent job of creating the script that represented the anti-hero’s origin story. The humor was not overdone or underdeveloped, which helped stay true to the Deadpool comics.

Some of the extra highlights of the movie was the soundtrack. The music chosen for the film was cleverly placed in witty scenes.

Of course, Stan Lee made his cameo appearance in the film as a DJ in a strip club.

The movie lived up to several expectations. Having read some of the Deadpool comics, I honestly felt like the comic was brought to justice.

This was a movie that no parent, I repeat, no parent, should bring their child to see. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like crude jokes, cursing, nudity, and bloody murder, then you shouldn’t watch it.