Student’s art featured at third street restaurant

Megan Ditore, Staff Writer

Third street pizza displays work whenever people inquire about exhibition opportunities.

Linfield junior Joel Mills said that he is “simply lucky” that he asked at the right time.

All he had to do was walk in and ask if they would display his work.

Mills chose to be an art major because it requires passion; he loves the effect it can have on both the artist and the viewers.

“Making art can be both blissful and painful, but working through the man is therapeutic,” Mills said.

Mills wants to double major in art and psychology in hopes to pursue a career in art therapy. His favorite mode of working is “concrete (purely) abstract expressionism, with a mix of mindful spirituality.”

He refers to painting and any other medium as a form of personal therapy.

While Mills also enjoys drawing and printmaking, he doesn’t obtain as much joy as he does painting.

“I have been making art ever since I can remember,” Mills said.

Both his mother and father are painters so he would learn a lot watching them work, and by working alongside them.

He said that he used to have an obsession with drawing superheroes and warriors, but eventually stopped drawing so much.

Mills does not have a specific favorite piece of art.

His art is a personal therapy that includes a parasympathetic and calming response. His hope is that it has the ability to allow people feel that same way.

“The world is a beautiful place, yet at times it is hard to recognize it … my hope is that my paintings can serve as a reminder,” Mills said.

Mills hopes to have some more work up at different restaurants on Third Street soon. He said that he might have work in Pura Vida shortly and perhaps at The Sage. Mills’ work will be up for one to two more months at Third Street Pizza.