Lacrosse takes tough loss, team remains optimistic

Malia Riggs, Staff Writer

The Linfield women’s lacrosse team had a tragic loss of 19-4 against Pacific on Saturday.

Pacific took control of the match right from the start, scoring within the first two minutes of the game and keeping the goals consistent throughout the match.

In the first half of the game the Boxers scored 15 goals in comparison to the ’Cats’ two.

The goals came from Kelsey Dammarell, ’16, and Mae Seifert, ’19.

“Kelsey and Mae always have a good game, they fight for the ball and never give up,” Kaylee Combs, ’19 said.

Dammarell had a great game with a grand total of three turnovers, two caused turnovers and five shots on goal overall.

Seifert also had three shots on goal, seven turnovers and three caused turnovers.

In general the team showed persistent defense throughout the match.

“We began to figure out our defense and adjust throughout the game,” Vanessa Van Horn, ’19, said.

Statistically, the ’Cats showed their defensive capabilities with 13 total saves by goal keepers Maria nelson, ’18, who had eight saves the first period and Rebecca Kimball, ’18, who had five the second.

“Yesterday’s game was a great learning experience for us,” Van Horn said.

“Pacific is at the top of our league and they are a good program,” she said.

The second period of the game started off with the third goal of the match made by Seifert.

Although the Boxers continued to bring the pressure, the ’Cats held their ground with 12 turnovers and five saves the second half.

“I think everyone gave it their best and went 100 percent the whole time,” Combs said.

Although Linfield had a difficult loss, hopes are high for their next home game at 7 p.m. on March 8 against Berry College.