Theatre department gears up for ‘Almost, Maine’

Cassandra Martinez, Staff Writer

The Linfield Theatre Department’s winter production and the first play of the spring semester tackles the contemporary side of the theatre world. “Almost, Maine” is a montage of stories about different couples, and all of them have one thing in common: Love.

There is more to the story than love, but rather the many different types of love and the hardships that these characters go though in a little town called Almost, Maine.

“It’s a show about love, in every form. Falling in, falling out, losing it, and trying to get it. This show has a little piece of love for everyone,” says Alyssa Lawrence, a junior and theatre arts major.

The show is in promising shape. “The show is slowly coming together. The director [Thomas Gressler] has a way of pulling out the smallest details, which make the scenes and the emotion within it pop,” said Lawerence.

Senior Travis McKenna, junior Joella Cordell, and freshman Glenn B. Rust are some of Linfield’s students that are acting in the production.

Since Professor Janet Gupton is currently on sabbatical, these actors have a new director to work with. The Linfield theatre department has acquired the assistance of Thomas Gressler or Dr. G as the actors call him.

“Dr. G is absolutely amazing and we have a great time with him. He’s very much a hands on director, who knows what he wants which is good. It’s good to have that difference from Janet, it’s like free-flow so it’s been interesting,” said McKenna.

The actors mentioned the play is not the typical romantic comedy. Cordell said that there is a scene for everyone. One of the scenes has an LGBT couple in the scene called “They Fell,” where two female best friends fall in love with each other.

“Almost, Maine” will be performed on March 15, 16, 17 and 18 at Marshall Theater.