Students respond to Wildstock survey

Kellie Bowen, Arts & Entertainment editor

Recently, students on campus received an email with a survey attached that will change the future of Wildstock.

The first of two options of the survey is to have a less-funded Wildstock that will be held in the fall semester, and a large-scale CatCab as spring’s music festival.

The other option is to put a larger amount of money to fund a more well-known artist and a larger event in the spring next year.

Saint Motel and My Brothers and I will be the featured bands in this year’s music festival with a Linfield student band, The Floors, opening the show.

ASLC Vice President of Programming Cruz Morey mentioned the possibility of making Wildstock a weekend-long event.

LCAT’s new Music and Entertainment Chair, Lucas Carter, said that he is in favor of piling money into a giant, epic Wildstock.

Morey said that he finds value in both options.

He likes the new idea, but he will need to start planning the fall semester Wildstock in the summer. There will be following years of trial-and-errors to find out how to perfect the two events and please the crowd. But the fall-semester Wildstock will be easier to plan, because bands will be finishing their summer tours.

However, he also likes the idea of having more prominent artists play at Linfield, and it will be fun to plan with the help of the other ALSC and LCAT chairs.

Morey said that director of college activities Dan Fergueson and ALSC President Nathan Pellatz recieved 450 responses to the survey. Most of the votes were for the larger spring festival. But it was a close call.

Since it’s LCAT’s final project of the year, Morey has a vision to make it the ultimate school event.

Morey’s goal for next year’s Wildstock is to make it more fun. “Student culture has changed, so I just want to make it accessible for everyone. I also want the planning process to be more holistic and to have the whole team involved.”