Play demonstrates how sisters deal with jealousy

Kellie Bowen, Arts & Entertainment editor

The Linfield Theater is presenting its last play of the year titled “Picnic” by William Inge, who has won a Pulitzer Prize.

The play is set in a small town in Kansas in the 1950s. In preparation of the Labor Day picnic, the story begins when a stranger arrives. He causes mischief and drama for a family and their neighbors. The stranger is played by Daniel Bradley.

Performances run May 12-14 at 7:30 p.m. in Marshall Theater. Tickets are $5 for students with a Linfield ID.

It is a story of love, betrayal, desperation and jealousy. The two sisters in the story create a drastic dynamic to the character and play. It is a battle between pretty and dumb versus ugly and smart. Which is better? Which deserves to be happy? Both want it all.

The play has three 30-minute scenes with two 10-minute intermissions.

Naomi Boydston and Analesa Fisher were cast as the sisters. Both actresses’ performances were convincing, lively and undoubtedly well done.

The other cast members include Joella Cordell, Travis McKenna, Zachary Brehmeyer, Emily Griffin, Brianna Norris, Glenn B. Rust, Sierra-Karen Denend, Raisa Mlynski, and Marcos Galvez.

Cassandra Martinez and Antoine Johnson were the two cast members that kept the show running backstage.

Taylor Pitner was the stage manager. Scenic and lighting design is by Ty Marshall, sound design is by Rob Vaughn ’97 and Alyssa Coleman ’16, and costume design is by Laurel Peterson ’07.

This show was a well attended Mother’s day event on Sunday.

On Thursday, members from the Board of Trustees bought tickets to see the show.

It is a highly entertaining and recommended play to watch for people of all ages.