Students conduct orchestra at spring outdoor concert

Kellie Bowen, Arts & Entertainment editor

This Tuesday’s concert was not your typical auditorium-setting performance. Programs were not even available. It was held outside on the front porch of Nicholson Library where friends and family brought their blankets, ate ice cream and had a pow-wow on the grass while they listened.

Three students, Jamie Bostock, Sophia Reinhardt and Ana Ramirez, each conducted two songs for the band. Since the band was set up on the stairs, the conductors were pedestalled on the concrete bench in front of the flower bed.

Some students on their way to the library thought it would be rude to walk in between the audience and the band, so they walked on the sidewalk that connected the art building to the library.

Curious passersby stopped and joined the audience in the grass.

During the concert, a student patiently waited for the song to finish so he could unchain his bicycle from one of the library pillars. Performers in the band had to move their chairs out of the way and kindly helped the student get his bike back.

Several band members let out a sigh of relief. This was their last band concert of the year.