Linfield softball still in the running for conference title

Malia Riggs, Staff Writer

Linfield takes down two losses and two wins in Spokane last weekend against Whitworth University.

Saturday the Wildcats won 15-2 and lost 6-5, and Sunday they lost the first game 9-5 but turned it around in the final game of the tournament with the winning score of 19-0.

In the first came the ’Cats came on strong scoring three runs by freshman Jacinda Swiger, junior Erin Tausher and sophomore Jessica Woodruff in the first inning.

Linfield holds off Whitworth until the top of the second inning where they squeeze in one run. But the Lady ’Cats are on fire, leaving huge gaps in the scoreboard between the two teams.

Linfield scored four runs in the bottom of the third, six runs in the bottom of the fourth, and two runs in the bottom of the fifth, letting Whitworth score on more run in the bottom of the fifth.

The second game on Saturday was well fought by the Wildcats, starting the game with a battle and no runs scored until the top of the fourth by Whitworth, scoring two.

At thetop of the fifth three by runs were scored by freshman Darian Stedman who scored on an error, junior Alissa Buss and Woodruff, to take the Wildcats to the lead by one.

But the lead was short-lived, at the bottom of the seventh Whitworth scored four runs, and another in the bottom of the eighth giving them the one point lead to win the second game.

The first game on Sunday started off with a battle, leaving the two teams tied by the ending of the first inning.

In the third inning the battle continued with three runs scored by Whitworth, and four runs scored by Linfield, one of which was a homerun by Danielle Duman in the top of the fourth, bringing Linfield to the lead.

Whitworth took the lead scoring three runs in the top of the fifth and on run in the top of the sixth, taking the lead.

Linfield lost the battle for the first game Sunday, but this tough loss only fueled them for their next game.

Linfield took charge for their last game leaving Whitworth in the dust, not giving them the chance to score a single run.

Linfield scored every inning, the highest being the second inning bringing home 11 runs.

The 19-0 win on Sunday helped lead the Linfield Softball team to the Northwest Conference tournament, which will be held in Spokane next weekend where the Wildcats will battle for the firs place title.