Comedian juggles torches on unicycle, tells jokes

Cassandra Martinez, Staff Writer

Juggling and jokes were among the themes of a comedian’s performance in Ice auditorium on March 12.

Marcus Monroe began his act by an introduction and then proceeded to his juggling bit where he juggled clubs. He juggled three clubs and then proceeded to five. In between the first set of the juggling act, he walked into the microphone and told jokes in between juggling the clubs.

He also did audience participation scenarios. He would asked the audience questions and have them do random things. He then proceeded to act two of his juggling with bouncing balls. He started out with three then went to five.

He then took a break and tried to attempt to beat the world record of squeezing through a tennis racket. He did not beat the world record and the racket was stuck in his hips. He still performed his comedic routine with the racket attached to him. After he finished his routine, he was able to remove the racket.

He then continued the rest of the night with more juggling acts. He juggled disc hoops and performed some interesting movements along with it. Then it was the glow and the dark juggling routine, which the lights in the auditorium went completely off on his command.

He started off with glow in the dark clubs and the colors were amazing as they flew up and down in the air. He juggled a total of five clubs and the audience went crazy. After the clubs, he moved on to glow and the dark bouncing balls. They moved so fast and made cool patterns in the air.

Monroe then told the lights to come back on and introduced his knives juggling act. He said that the knives are real and proceeds to cut up an apple to prove it. He then handed the chopped apple to the audience member so they could put it back together. He then proceeds with his knives juggling and juggled five of them. The audience admired in awe, but Monroe was not done yet.

He wrapped up his show by juggling three knives attached with torches on a unicycle.