Philosopher musician reads from poems

Sara Levering, Staff Writer

George Lee Moore, a philosopher, poet and musician from New York read a poem encompassing “awe” in a dimly lit room. He discussed arts and science fields as descriptive modes and anticipating awe happening in our daily lives.

Moore said that philosophy fits into this notion differently than arts and sciences. Philosophy almost decodes this spoken understanding.

He talked about the unconscious and conscious mind on the “spectrum of expressibility”. He also said that his poem is about liberating the teller and the told with strong diction and enriched vocabulary.

Moore suggested that people come from a place of comfort and when someone hurts us, we continue to work and resist conformity and attempt to avoid disappointment.

As an artist, he evoked the notion that we teach art, and art teaches us.

During the discussion, it was mentioned that Moore sounds like an elevated version of Emerson and what Emerson was trying to encompass. They had a similar focus but not nearly as flushed out.

As a philosopher, poet and musician, Moore comes from a plethora of different fields that interact well with each other.