Fragile art instillation destroyed at Linfield gallery

Kellie Bowen, Arts & Entertainment editor

One art installation in the Linfield Gallery was destroyed the day before three of the four artists of the exhibit visited the gallery to present their artist talk.

The installation was a design of the shore stenciled with salt on the floor. There appeared to be only one set of footprints on the heaps of salt. A trail of salt lead to the back of the whale and out the mouth.

Gallery manager Josephine Zarchovich said that she believed that this action was intentional. With an obvious sign warning people to not step on the salt installation at the entrance of the gallery, she is disappointed that the display was ruined before the artists’ talk.

The artist of the salt display, Sara Nance, and her boyfriend came into the gallery to fix the display the day before the talk.

By the time the gallery opened the day of the talk, Saturday, the damage had already been done.

There is a camera in the gallery that recorded footage of whoever ruined the display. The footage will be viewed later by officials.