Contribution of women in workforce celebrated in panel discussion

Malia Riggs, Staff Writer

March will commence Women’s History Month, where generations of women are paid tribute to around the world.

Linfield started off this month by recognizing a few successful women graduates in the work force.

The panel discussion, titled “That Could Be Me: Successful Linfield Women in the Workforce,” was given last Thursday in Jonasson Hall.

Students of both genders were encouraged to come with questions and learn about what it takes to be a successful woman who strives to better her career.

There were many graduates that came to the gathering, among them were 2006 graduate Stephanie Kenworth, who studied business and management. She worked many jobs that gained her the position she holds now.

She is currently working at OHSU as the director of events.

Kenworth raises money for research, plans events for the foundation and raises money for different operations.

Some of these events get over $1 million and boasts sponsors such as Phil Knight, the owner and founder of Nike.

Women in this day and age are beginning to enjoy more prominence around the world and are even holding higher standings in various societies.

“History is his story, and we need to tell her story more often,” said Heidi Ambrose, Linfield student who attended the event.

“Women are not in the minority background anymore, we’re finally starting to see more prominent women in history, and its in history where we see a better future,” said Ambrose.