Theater department adapts to library power outage


Megan Ditore, Staff Writer

With the power outage continues at Nicholson Library, Facilities Services and Ford Hall, everyone is doing their best to manage. In Ford Hall, most classes are still run in classrooms since the emergency lights and windows provide sufficient lighting.

The faculty has been using their personal laptops where they still have access to Wifi and a lot of documents.

However not everything is backed up. Dr. Brenda DeVore Marshall Professor and Chair Department of Theatre and Communication Arts Linfield said they are “moving along.”

While a couple classes have been moved to show videos or other documents not available in the classrooms, it has not been hard to find an extra room to move class.

Vicky Ragsdale the Administrative Coordinator and Box Office Manager for Linfield’s Theatre and Communication Arts Department has been very helpful in getting the professors what they need. The faculty emails her what they need copied then she goes to Art and Visual Culture where she can get what she needs.

“In the theater you have to learn how to handle any situation that comes up and be on your feet. We are putting that to the test,” Ragsdale said.

While the theater department prepares for their show “Almost, Maine” opening March 15, they are happy for what they do have.

As the power tools and sewing machines do not work, the show goes on. Technical Director Robert Vaughn said, “At this point the power could not have gone out at a better time, one week before the show it would have been bad news. We could pull it off but not the same.”

The department has been able to move forward due to stalk scenery that they already had, along with battery operated tools that Von takes home to charge each night. With the emergency lighting in the theater there is enough lighting to both practice and build the set.

“We appreciate efforts of Alison Horn keeping us updated and facilities for trying to get this fixed as soon as they can,” DeVore Marshall said.